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I love that quote.  I heard Julia Cameron say it once, but I’m fairly sure she didn’t coin it.  Trouble is, I can’t seem to keep the words in my head mid-process.  Specifically, one of my many I’ll-become-a-domestic-goddess-if-it-kills-me endeavors is two oak straight-backed chairs that I’m determined to paint and reupholster.  I’ve had them four years (procrastinate much?), and today I hauled them out of the garage armed with four sheets of wood-grade sandpaper.  I planted myself beneath my poplar, which my son promptly scrambled up, and started sanding.  A half-hour later, up to my armpits in dust and amid paranoid thoughts of lead-based paint, the aforementioned quote floated through my mind, to which I answered…

Process schmocess. 

But somehow, between eyefuls of dust, I persevered.  I felt the sand-smoothed wood beneath my fingers.  I listened to my son chatter from upon high about how when he turns six he’ll be able to climb to the TOP.  I savored the emerging evidence that I might possibly have a shot at being good at this artsy stuff.  Possibly.  And you know what?  The more I anchored myself to the present, the easier it became to actually enjoy it. 

Which is a good thing; for now my product is two chairs that vaguely resemble skinned animals.


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