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For perspective, let me begin by stating the obvious – that Saturday’s Tucson shooting was reprehensible and a tragedy. 

The responsibility of the shooting, however, lies solely with the shooter.    Not with republicans or democrats, not with Sarah Palin.  Were we really calling to amend free speech as a result of this?  The crime was horrific, and right now we need level heads and healing.  Instead, we are a nation of people shouting and finger-pointing. 

Scum…violence-tinged…temper political discourse…blame

We have free speech all the time.  Even when we choose to speak irresponsibly.  I will step off my soap-box the moment someone can prove to me that some politician’s words forced – or even caused – that boy-man to pull the trigger.  No.  The blood is on his hands, and his hands alone. 

The rest of us need to remember that our government merely represents us, and is not responsible for our level of happiness, wealth, health, and certainly not for Saturday.  So let’s all just calm down, grieve, and return our focus to fixing this near-broken nation.  Perhaps we can start with turning our gaze inward.   

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims.


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**not for young eyes**

An 18 year-old man – a child, really – ends his life with a Facebook post and a single step off the George Washington bridge.  Reading this afternoon about the sad chain of events leading to his death stunned me, and I’ve been morbidly following the story and reading the witch-hunt like comments attached to the Fox News article.

At first I got caught up in trying to sort out responsibility and  the level of prosecution that would be adequate for the suspects, all while commenters raged on about privacy and gay rights and homophobia and personal accountability.  Eventually I began to wonder about the point of all the debate. 

I’m the bazillionth person to say this, but it’s a tragic event.  And it’s over.  It’s horrifyingly over and a child is dead and two more children will likely be imprisoned for their cruel and childish behavior.  We can try the perpetrators according to the law, but only God can judge them. 

There is a larger question behind this calamity, but I don’t know what it is.  That the perpetrators did not consider the consequences of their actions (or, worse, didn’t care), and that an 18 year-old boy felt he had so little support that he would choose ending his life as the best course of action speaks to a larger failure – one that extends far beyond the plight of these three individuals.   

I wonder whether we as a nation linger too long in our collective carefree youth, when it’s responsibility and servitude that grounds us.  

But that’s not it either.  I had hoped to write my way through the void, but it’s a question to be pinpointed by people much more insightful than me.

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